Implenia uses Augmented Reality to optimize grid tracing

Implenia uses AR to optimize grid tracing

V-Labs had the opportunity to spend a day in the field with Implenia, Switzerland’s leading construction company, to test out its high precision Augmented Reality solution for geospatial data.

As major contractor, Implenia has innovation as integral part of its strategy, allowing Implenia to actively drive change within the industry and efficiently adapt its business to future needs. As such, Implenia is always looking for opportunities to improve their business processes. For example, marking underground grids on the streets.

Currently, operators in the field use paper maps and measures to map out these underground utilities. This is time consuming and is prone to human errors. By using our high precision Augmented Reality solution for geospatial data (GIS, BIM), Implenia can simplify surveying tasks, support operators in the field with their work, optimize costs and avoid costly errors during civil engineering.

Adopting technologies, such as our Augmented Reality solution, allows Implenia to remain a leading contractor in Switzerland and abroad.