High precision Augmented Reality for Field Operations

High precision Augmented Reality for Field Operations

Digitally transform your field operations

Enhance your field operations, improve data quality and cut costs on quality control by using our
hands-free, high precision Augmented Reality technology for geospatial data and work instructions.

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  • Empower field operators
  • Reduce shortage of skilled workforce
  • Shorten training programs

  • Standardize work processes
  • Guide operators with instructions
  • Provide remote assistance

  • Digitize operational work
  • Capture data directly in the field
  • Improve data quality

  • Avoid human errors
  • Apply 4 eyes principle
  • Avoid incidents


Climate change leads to increased investments in utility and railway infrastructures (McKinsey & Company, NY Times), but due to a shortage of a skilled workforce, utilities, railways and contractors struggle realizing their operational goals.

By using our hands-free, high precision Augmented Reality technology for Field Operations, we help utilities, contractors and railways to further optimize their fieldwork and realize their operational and climate goals.

Our AR-technology combines the visualization and capture of geospatial data with step-by-step work instruction and remote assistance, enabling you to guide your operators in the field through operational tasks, capture important data from the field and provide expert support wherever needed.  This allows you to optimize your fieldwork and limit the shortage of a skilled workforce required for the job.

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Inefficient work processes lead to high costs, limited quality control and poor data quality of maintenance, inspection and installation work. By using our unique Augmented Reality solution for Field Operations, you will be able to save time and money on quality control while improving data quality by digitizing field operations and capturing data during operational tasks.

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High precision Augmented Reality for Inspections - TenneT


Errors during installation, maintenance and inspection work can have significant financial consequences and potentially lead to accidents in the field. By using our unique AR-solution for Field Operations, we help our customers to avoid human errors and reduce accidents in the field, allowing you to reduce financial and, more importantly, safety risks.

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Try our high precision Augmented Reality solution for geospatial data combined with our feature for work instructions and remote assistance to further digitize fieldwork, increase performance, optimize quality control and avoid errors during field operations.

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“Thanks to V-Labs’ GNSS/RTK-integrated Augmented Reality solution, Deutsche Bahn can optimize the quality control of the installation of assets along the railway tracks. V-Labs’ technology allows Deutsche Bahn to optimize productivity, reduce delays caused by field work and improve data quality.”

Marc Hansen, Inbetriebnahmemanager
Energie 360°

“Ich habe in den vergangenen Jahren bereits etliche Systeme getestet, überzeugt hat mich allerdings nur jenes von V-Labs: «Die Projektion durch die Brille ist perfekt, überhaupt nicht verwackelt. Ebenso sind wir in der Lage, über die Cloud stets auf die aktuellsten Leitungsdaten zuzugreifen. Ein absoluter Game-Changer.»”

Martin Seger, Leiter Netzdokumentation
Brabant Water

“De samenwerking tussen een drinkwaterbedrijf en V-Labs opent deuren naar een grensverleggende toekomst vol technologische vooruitgang.”

Annerieke van Vessem, Adviseur Processontwikkeling

“Met het gebruik van Augmented Reality zien we nu ondergrondse obstakels voordat we een schop in de grond hebben gezet. Een mooie extra tool om graafschades te voorkomen.”

Jordy Alvarez Morcus, Senior Engineer