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High precision Augmented Reality for Surveying

Unlock surveying for field operators

Simplify and optimize your surveying work by visualizing and measuring geospatial data (GIS & BIM)
in the field with our hands-free, high precision Augmented Reality solution for Surveying.

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  • Simplify surveying
  • Outsource tasks to operators
  • Reduce CO2-emissions from travel

  • Empower field operators
  • Optimize surveying tasks
  • Reduce time spent on the road

  • Simplify marking of grids
  • Avoid human errors
  • Reduce damages to infra

  • Simplify GIS-data capture
  • Let fieldworkers measure GIS-data
  • Create 3D digital twins

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High precision Augmented Reality for marking grids - Energie360


Our hands-free, high precision Augmented Reality solution for geospatial data, enables you to optimize surveying work and outsource simple surveying tasks to operators in the field. For example, with our AR-headset operators can see the GIS-data of the underground infrastructures projected on the ground and simply mark their location before civil engineering works take place. This avoids human errors and reduces costly damages to infrastructures during excavation work.

Our technology supports most standard GIS-data formats, including webmaps from ESRI ArcGIS online and ArcGIS enterprise, allowing our solution to be easily integrated into your IT-processes.

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High precision Augmented Reality for surveying - Romande Energie


Our hands-free, high precision Augmented Reality solution for geospatial data, allows field workers and surveyors to simply measure GIS-data with centimeter accuracy in the field. Not only does this allow you to optimize surveying work, it only helps you to strongly improve your data quality. By providing field workers and operators with a simple tool to measure GIS-data, you will be able to optimize surveying work and strongly improve your data quality of new and existing assets.

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Digital Twins created through photogrammetry


Our Augmented Reality technology allows you to create ideal digital twins of your assets in the field. By combining GNSS/RTK with photogrammetry, we help utilities, contractors and railways to collect accurate data from the field and support them in their need to build digital twins of their assets.

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We help surveyors, contractors and engineers to visualize, modify and measure geospatial data with centimeter accuracy in the field by using GNSS/RTK-integrated augmented reality glasses.

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“Thanks to V-Labs’ GNSS/RTK-integrated Augmented Reality solution, Deutsche Bahn can optimize the quality control of the installation of assets along the railway tracks. V-Labs’ technology allows Deutsche Bahn to optimize productivity, reduce delays caused by field work and improve data quality.”

Marc Hansen, Inbetriebnahmemanager
Energie 360°

“Ich habe in den vergangenen Jahren bereits etliche Systeme getestet, überzeugt hat mich allerdings nur jenes von V-Labs: «Die Projektion durch die Brille ist perfekt, überhaupt nicht verwackelt. Ebenso sind wir in der Lage, über die Cloud stets auf die aktuellsten Leitungsdaten zuzugreifen. Ein absoluter Game-Changer.»”

Martin Seger, Leiter Netzdokumentation
Brabant Water

“De samenwerking tussen een drinkwaterbedrijf en V-Labs opent deuren naar een grensverleggende toekomst vol technologische vooruitgang.”

Annerieke van Vessem, Adviseur Processontwikkeling

“Met het gebruik van Augmented Reality zien we nu ondergrondse obstakels voordat we een schop in de grond hebben gezet. Een mooie extra tool om graafschades te voorkomen.”

Jordy Alvarez Morcus, Senior Engineer
Free Electrons 2023 - Bootcamp Ireland

Free Electrons

V-Labs was one of the 29 startups selected out of 519 startups from 75 countries that participated in the Free Electrons bootcamp in Ireland: A major opportunity to present our technology and solution to leading utilities in the world.

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Hydro Québec using V-Labs AR-technoloy

V-Labs in Canada

Last week, V-Labs was in Canada to demo our Augmented Reality technology to Hydro Québec, the electricity utility from Québec. It was a great experience to meet the people and see our solution at work in the streets of Montréal.

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