TenneT uses Augmented Reality for field operations

Tennet optimizes field operations by using Augmented Reality and Remote Assistance

As TSO, TenneT has the impressive responsibility of supplying electricity to 43 million domestic and business users every single day in a secure and reliable way. As such, TenneT plays a critical role in society and has the challenging task to strengthen its electricity grids to support the immense electricity demand of The Netherlands and Germany in their fight against climate exchange.

This huge task doesn’t only require large investments, but also an increase in the number operators needed in the field. Unfortunately, it is more and more difficult to find qualified people nowadays, so other solutions are needed to accelerate the work required for the energy transition.

At V-Labs, we help utilities digitize and optimize their field operations through our high precision Augmented Reality solution for work instructions and geospatial data, allowing our customers to achieve their operational and climate goals.

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