Hydro Québec using V-Labs AR-technoloy

Last week, V-Labs was in Canada to demo our Augmented Reality technology to Hydro Québec, the electricity utility from Québec. It was a great experience to meet the people and see our solution at work in the streets of Montréal. Many thanks to the team members from Hydro Québec for the lovely experience!

As our AR-technology further evolves, highly accurate Augmented Reality for geospatial data (GIS, BIM) is becoming more and more popular in the utility and construction industry. For example, our solution simplifies surveying tasks, digitizes fieldwork, improves data quality and saves operational costs.

Since GNSS/RTK is available in most parts of the world, we can assure that our solution works for any of our customers around the globe. Whether you are in Australia, Canada or Europe, you can visualize and measure geospatial data with centimeter / inch accuracy in the field and empower your operators with valuable geospatial data during their field operations.

If you are interested in a demo to see how AR can help you digitize fieldwork, don’t hesitate to reach out to info@v-labs.ch.

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